The Sacramento Valley Darting Association (SVDA) is holding elections for Members of the Board. If you would like to join the Board, please fill out the form to the right.


There is a total of 13 positions available (5 officers and 8 Members At Large). Each member is asked to complete a 2-year term. Newly elected Board Members are expected to take office one week after they are elected.



Positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary or Results Secretary. Each officer must have 1 term (2 years) current Board Member experience.


Members At Large

There will be 8 (eight) total openings for Members At Large. Members At Large are not officer positions and require no experience.

Typical Duties

The typical duties of the officers are as follows:


PRESIDENT: Maintains the daily operation and efficiency of the SVDA and presides at all meetings.


VICE-PRESIDENT: Assists the President in the operation and efficiency of the SVDA, and in the President’s absence, shall assume the duties normally performed by the President.


TREASURER: Has custody of all SVDA funds and is responsible for promptly depositing all moneys received into an SVDA account. Also responsible for the timely collection of all monies (dues, fees, fines, awards, etc.), for submitting monthly financial updates at Board meetings, for preparing annual financial statements for the membership, for creating annual and seasonal budgets, and for submitting all required State and Federal tax filings.


SECRETARY: Records the minutes for all meetings, and distributes all notices and announcements during board meetings. Also responsible for maintaining the calendar of events, notifying members of meeting dates and locations. The Secretary also runs the Elections voting process.


RESULTS SECRETARY: Records the outcomes of all league play and emails to all team captains. Also manages the league player memberships, sub fees, and sponsor locations and fees.


BOARD MEMBERS: Collectively govern the SVDA (create and implement policy, operation, rules, etc.), attend monthly Board meetings, and discuss and vote on all Board meeting agenda.



If you have questions about the Officers, Members At Large or the Election process, please refer to the SVDA bylaws.

For a current list of our Board Members, please visit here.

*requires 1 term (2 years) of current Board experience




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