The easiest way to join the league is to show up at a League Signup event. There are three seasons a year and there is a League Signup event for each season. Alternately, you can contact the SVDA through the Contact Us  page or signup for the SVDA Newsletter.

Another great way to join a team after a season starts or even in between seasons, is to show up to an open play tournament. Many players attend, and you can ask around who is looking for a teammate. It also gives you an idea of what division you would be best suited to join!


If you have 4 or more friends that want to start a team in our league, here is how to do it:

  • Find a Bar Sponsor. Form a team at your favorite local bar or club.  Team Venue sponsorship for the season is only $50 and new people will be coming to the venue every Wednesday day you play at home. Two (2) dartboards per venue are needed. This will allow for 2 home teams on alternate weeks. You can check Equipment/Venue requirements in our bylaws.
  • *Any new bars entering our league must have their dart board and light set-up inspected by a board member prior to league play.
  • Gather together your players fees, each player must pay $35 per season to participate. Download and fill out our latest sign-ups form. Bring the form and all fees to our sign-ups tournament. We will post exact dates on our facebook page and under events on the website.


The Sacramento Valley Darting Association (SVDA) is here to promote the sport of darts within the Sacramento Valley area.

Currently we oversee 16+ teams within 4 divisions (A, B, C, & Rec) playing out of 10+ bars within the of Sacramento Valley. We are always adding new bars as our membership grows! Our 2022 Summer Season had around 120 players participating!

We play on Wednesday evenings either at your home bar or at your opponents bar at 7:30pm. Play ends around 11:00pm, depending on the teams players and skill level. We offer league play three times a year in the Summer, Fall and Winter.  The SVDA also holds one of the largest dart tournaments in the US, called the Camellia Classic.

More reasons to love us:

  • Supported by hundreds of players
  • Tons of organized events through-out the year
  • Support a variety of skill levels
  • Open to Men, Women and Youth!
  • Over a dozen local pubs, bars and restaurants
  • We are a proud member of the American Dart Organization