The SVDA has three league seasons each year; Winter, Fall and Summer. Each season plays 12 weeks per year, with the last 2 weeks being the singles and doubles tournament.  Each league consists of 4 divisions: A, B, C, and Rec.


A division is the division for the truly serious darters. Competitive, focused and highly skilled. The B division is for the skilled darter who likes the competition but doesn’t have top-tier skills yet of those in A league. The C division is for the casual players and those just getting into darts. And the Rec division is our less-competition focused division for higher-skilled players.


Currently we oversee 24 teams  playing out of  our local sponsors. We are always adding new venues as our membership grows! If you want to, or know a venue that wants to sponsor, check out our sponsorship page! 


All players 21+ are welcome! We have a league that best suits your skill level. If you can hit the board, we’ve got you covered. If you’re an expert, we have some of the best skilled players on the West Coast. If you just want to have a couple pints and play some competitive darts with good people, then you’re in the majority!


The best way to join the SVDA is to show up on a First Friday Tournament. The very first Friday of every month, the SVDA hosts a blind doubles draw tournament at Diamond Billiards in Rancho Cordova. At 7:30pm we draw partners and have a good time throwing some darts. This tournament is open to all, SVDA member or not. While there, you can ask around to find prospective teammates, and you can get an idea of which division suits your skill and competitive level.


Games Played Varies By Division:
A Division: 501, 901, Cricket
B Division: 501, 801, Cricket
C Division: 501, Burma Road, Cricket
Rec Division: 501, Cricket, Burma Road, 301


League Nights are Wednesday @ 7:30PM
If you want to practice, please arrive early.
Each week is 10 weeks of play, with 1 bye week. You’ll play 5 games at your sponsored venue, and 5 at other sponsors.


4 Players Minimum Per Team
Short a player or need a team? Let us know, we can help!


2 Boards Per Team Sponsor
We can help you find a location.
Know a venue that would be a great place to play darts? Contact us and let us know!


Fees & Signups
Currently, the fee is $35 per player, per season. The fees for each player on a team are due at signups. Pay cash/check at time of signups, or online anytime on our website using Paypal.


Check out our FAQ’s section, or contact us. We’re happy to help!