Do you have any tournaments open to the public?2022-08-31T10:55:20-07:00

Yes. Typically there are monthly shoots that are open to the public as well as a few yearly league-sponsored tournaments which are open to the public. Check out our Events page for upcoming events.

Where can I find a bar in Sacramento that has steel tip dart boards?2022-08-30T08:32:20-07:00

Check our Where To Play page which lists local venues, their address and phone numbers.

On what night and at what time does your league play?2022-08-31T10:53:21-07:00

We play Wednesday nights (except for holidays). League play starts at 7:30pm. Boards should be cleared for players to practice/warm up “no later than 15 minutes prior” to the match starting (Rules of Play Article IV, Sec. 5).

How can I join the league? Do I have to enter the league with a full team, or can I sign up individually?2022-01-28T14:46:38-08:00

Solo Player: the easiest way to join the league is to show up at a League Signup event. There are three seasons a year and there is a League Signup event for each season. Alternately, you can contact the SVDA through the Contact Us  page or signup for the SVDA Newsletter.


Teams: Download and complete the Team Signup Sheet by following the link provided. Bring the completed Team Signup Sheet to a League Signup event, along with all player dues (alternately player dues may be paid online via PayPal). If you have any questions about the Team Signup Sheet please feel free to use the Contact Us page.

How can I learn more about Sacramento Valley Darting Association (SVDA)?2022-01-28T14:38:02-08:00

Read our About The SVDA page which tells you about the league.


What happens if a member of my team can’t make League Night? Am I allowed to get a substitute?2022-08-31T10:54:34-07:00

The SVDA is testing a set of rules for substitute players. These rules have not been finalized and are still changing based on our leagues needs. Each season a copy of the “current” substitution rules are added to the Captains packet as a Supplement to the Rules of Play. If you have any questions please use the Contact Us page.

What is the Team Captain responsible for?2022-08-31T10:55:00-07:00

Some of the team Captains duties are list below, if you would like to see a complete list of the team Captains duties, see the SVDA Rules of Play Article X.

    • The conduct of the team.
    • Accuracy of the scorecard.
    • Attending Captain’s Meetings, Special Hearings and General Meeting.
    • Properly registering new team members (including player fees).
    • Set lineups for League Nights.
    • Ensure chalkers are provided and using proper etiquette.


When I’m chalking an ’01 game, should I write the score remaining on the inner column or the outer column?2022-01-28T14:53:23-08:00

Write the remaining score on the inner column. With both players’ scores listed on the inner column, it will be easier for the players and spectators to see the scores.

Should I announce the score after each players throw?2022-01-28T14:52:50-08:00

Yes. It is important to ensure accuracy when scorekeeping and announcing the score will allow the player to challenge the score, if needed, before pulling their darts.



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